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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 8


Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Electronics has unpacked the latest addition to its Galaxy Note family, the Galaxy Note 8. The device was formally unveiled at the company’s unpacked event, in the United States of America.

“Blending an advanced S-Pen with superior viewing experience, the Galaxy Note 8 provides users with a unique and powerful mobile experience,” the company said in a statement.

According to the Managing Director of Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. Changwook Lee, the new Galaxy Note 8 introduces the most refined Note experience to-date by combining the latest technology that users expect from Samsung’s Galaxy series.

Lee said, “In 2011, we introduced the original Galaxy Note and launched a whole new smart device category. Its larger screen size and iconic S-Pen technology initiated a new standard in smartphone culture.

“The undeniable success of the category strengthened our conviction that consumers want higher quality features on their devices and they want those new features to positively impact their quality of life.”

“The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a powerful, original smartphone that enables its users to tell the stories of their lives through dynamic and seamless expressions of their passions across work, play and life experiences,” he added.

Lee reiterated Samsung’s commitment to fulfilling its brand promise of inspiring the world and creating the future by bringing new and meaningful innovations to the doorstep of consumers.

He said, “Embracing the legacy of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch QuadHigh Definition resolution display that reproduces clearer and more vivid images with better viewing angles, to deliver the ultimate viewing experience to users.

“Its large screen and refined multi-window feature optimise users’ experience by making multi-tasking easier; users can choose how they access their applications using the device’s full, split or pop-up screen options. They can also easily change the size and positioning of on-screen applications with just one swipe.”

The Director, Hand Held Products, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. Emmanouil Revmatas, described the Galaxy Note 8 as a testament to the company’s leadership in the smartphone market and its commitment to developing best-in-class products to meet the ever-changing needs of its consumers.

Revmatas said, “We appreciate the relentless passion of the Note community. They have been a constant inspiration to us and we designed the new Note for them.

“Our consumers do not need to worry about the safety of their devices as Samsung continues to uphold its commitment to lead the industry in battery safety. The Galaxy Note8’s battery has undergone Samsung’s 8-Point Battery Safety Check – the most rigorous in the industry.”

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