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Shocking Confessions of A Sexually Frustrated Nigerian Doctor


Shocking Confessions of A Sexually Frustrated Nigerian Doctor

One of the most embarrassing days in my life ever was the day I wanted to give my wife AMAZING MIND BLOWING SEX on the night of our wedding and I ejaculated not up to 2 minutes after entering her. You see the funny thing is that I married my wife a virgin, and for all the time before we got married we never had sex once. But all the time we were dating…

And telling her how I would give her a night of hard marathon sex with multiple rounds once we got married. My wife was so excited and expectant that she even bought special sexy underwear just for that day. But the D- day eventually came, and my performance was woeful.

I came fast and could not even get my Johnson to stand again for round 2. I just had to tell my wife that the reason I “came fast” was because it was our first time together and I was so excited to be with her, and that it was just a ONE-TIME THING. Unfortunately this was not just a one-time thing as I had told my wife, because the actual truth was that…

Since I was very young, I had always had premature ejaculation. It all started when I was in university. I was a brilliant student studying to be a Medical doctor so I really did not have anything to do with girlfriend. My books were my girlfriend. I was a virgin until I was age 21 and the first girl I ever I ever had a sexual encounter with embarrassed the hell out of me.

I remember how happy I was when she finally agreed to have sex with me. We got to her room and I rushed to pull off all of her clothes BUT before I could even put my P into her V, she laughed and said I had a small manhood, but I was too excited to care and once I get too excited my man hood become very sensitive and I cum quickly.

I was done. Spent. Finished. And I couldn’t get my Johnson to stand again. She looked at me with disgust and said that even with your small manhood, you are still one of those one minute men. I was so embarrassed. The girl just calmly wore her clothes and left, and after that she never talked to me again. Since then I became insecure about having sex with any girl.

It was so bad that I would do everything to totally avoid a situation where I could have sex. But when guys would talk about sex, I would brag the loudest and make mouth. But Deep Down, I was Very Insecure About My Manhood and Quick Ejaculation Problems I graduated from school as a Medical Doctor, and throughout my stay in school I never had sex again until I met my wife.

Even when I was dating my wife I did everything to make sure I don’t have sex with her. I was just scared that I will expose how terrible I was on bed. I lied to her that why I didn’t want to have sex was because I wanted us to wait till marriage.

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