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Rant Here: University Of Ibadan Ejects Medical Students From Hostel


Rant Here: University Of Ibadan Ejects Medical Students From Hostel

It was reported recently that students of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, have been ordered to vacate their hostel after they staged a protest against an unfair introduction of a professional training fee by the school authorities.

According to the students, the university recently introduced professional fees, ranging from N75,000 to N100,000 per student, while accommodation fee in the hostel was raised to N40,000 per student. This contradicts the Federal Government’s policy that sets a N45,000 fee ceiling for all federal universities.

I must say that this increment is rather inhumane. Why should a university increase its school fees without consulting the students or give them reason for the hike? I hope the school authorities are aware that none of the other 17 federal medical schools in Nigeria charges such high levy.

With the current economic hardship in the country, I can’t begin to imagine the added burden this will be on the students and their parents. This could invariably lead to some students dropping out of school.

Even though it is no longer news that medical students are being evicted from their hostel, the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, is yet to react to the issue. Recall that the minister was among those who went to welcome the President’s son at the airport when the young man returned from his medical trip to Germany. This shows how much importance is placed on our educational system in Nigeria.

I won’t be surprised if the university’s vice-chancellor’s children are in foreign universities. That is why he sees nothing wrong with students being locked outside their school.

I implore the Federal Government and the Minister of Health to use their good offices to stop this tyrannical act by the institution’s administration. Instead of frustrating the students, they should be encouraged because they are the future of the Nigerian health system.

Joshua Ige, 26

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