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El-Zakzaky – We’ll Follow Due Diligence in Dealing With Him – Govt


El-Zakzaky – We’ll Follow Due Diligence in Dealing With Him – Govt

Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and wife are due to arrive Nigeria aboard Ethiopian Airlines today, a diplomatic source confirmed to Vanguard last night.

They (El-Zakzaky and his wife) left India in controversial circumstances without being given medical attention following his insistence on being checked into a 5-star hotel and being attended to by a particular doctor from the hospital which he personally suggested.

The controversial IMN leader and wife had already touched down at the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa and are reportedly waiting for about two hours in order to be transferred to a flight coming to Nigeria later tonight.

Meanwhile, the federal government has said that it will follow due diligence in dealing with the matter as it is fast assuming an international affairs.

The official, quoting diplomatic sources, confirmed that the IMN leader, El-Zakzaky and his wife had indeed broken the terms under which they left Nigeria for treatment in India.

“They are on their way back to Nigeria having bluntly refused to abide by the terms given by the Indian Government,” the official said.

“Don’t forget that it was the preacher himself who chose the hospital in India and the Nigerian Government obliged him without any objection.

“It may also be of interest to those who are watching to note that on his own, El-Zakzaky decided to leave the hospital once the Indians officials insisted he must be admitted to the ward of the hospital for proper monitoring and observation.

“Everything broke down once the hospital insisted he must stay in the hospital while he insisted on living in a 5-star hotel and be reporting to the hospital”.

“He has said that where the Nigerian kept him was better than the Indian Government facility and it is left for the world to judge if the man is seriously in need of medical attention or relaxation,” the source said.


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