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Google Became My Personal Doctor During Pregnancy — Adenle-Fashoranti


Google Became My Personal Doctor During Pregnancy — Adenle-Fashoranti

What was your first thought when you found out you were pregnant?

I got to a stage in life that I started to yearn for a baby. So, when I found out that I was pregnant, I was ecstatic. Not that I shouted when I heard the news but I was extremely happy. In fact, I had gone to the laboratory for two different tests and when I was given the result of my pregnancy test, I told the lab technician that the pregnancy result was more important than the other result.

I walked out of the hospital feeling so good about myself and couldn’t wait to share the news. But as I walked out of the door of the laboratory, I could not help but worry if I was going to be able to carry the pregnancy to full term.

I got scared with the way my imagination was forming images in my mind. I squared my shoulders and called out my name as I walked the street to stop a cab. I said to myself, “Adepeju, you can do all things according to God’s riches in Christ glory.”

Where was your child born?

Before I got pregnant, I had heard many sordid tales of women in pregnancy and the state of the hospitals. Every female adult around me wanted me to use the public hospital. I decided I would give it a trial and I found the process interesting. I was delivered of my baby at the Isolo General Hospital, Lagos.

Is this your first child?

Yes, this is my first child.

Was the child’s gender your preference?

I cared less about the gender of my baby before and after. Every child is the joy of womanhood. Girl or boy is not an issue. Besides, my years on earth have enlightened me about the joys of motherhood.

Describe your labour room experience.

This is a part of my pregnancy that I dreaded and still dread. My pregnancy was 40 weeks and the doctors recommended a caesarean section. I rejected the idea because of my phobia for public hospitals and the fear of going under the knife, especially when I considered the fact that a baby was involved.

The doctors counselled that the process would be fine. Still, I refused. I was induced. After 30 hours of induced labour, I was wheeled in for a surgery. The baby popped out on October 14, 2017. I guess the baby was too comfortable in my tummy.

How did you choose your baby’s name?

My husband and I sat down and considered names we would give the baby. At this time, we did not know the sex of the child. We wrote down the names we thought fit. Since most Yoruba names aren’t gender specific, we were indeed okay with two names whether boy or girl. It was only in the process of choosing an English name that we encountered gender-biased names.

What was the most difficult part of your pregnancy?

I enjoyed my pregnancy and it was stress-free. It’s true that I could not do as much as I used to but I was happy with the process. For me, the pregnancy period was a bit difficult because of the extra weight I gained. I gained much weight. At a point, I was looking all bloated like an Agege bread soaked in water. I did not like that part at all. Everyone kept saying that they hoped that I was expecting twins with the way my tummy bulged. It was hilarious.

What were your fears about pregnancy and have they changed based on your experience?

Until I got pregnant, I did not worry about pregnancy. I simply did not think about it. But the moment it was confirmed I was pregnant, it was as if I was in a horror movie. I kept hearing myself and other women scream during labour. I guess that when I get pregnant again, I will be able to answer the question clearly.

What types of food did you eat during pregnancy?

I ate wholesome meals and kept away from one of my favourite drinks.

Being your first pregnancy, did you read books on pregnancy?

As often as I had data on my phone, I checked the Internet for information on living a healthy life as a pregnant mother. Google practically became my home doctor.

Did your baby arrive at the Expected Date of Delivery?

My baby was overdue for birth at 40 to 41 weeks old. He was born 10 days after the predicted date.

Can you share a funny experience while you were pregnant?

When I was pregnant, I craved Agege bread and their special butter mix. I remember I was in a church one day when I beckoned an usher, who is a friend, to look out for Agege bread for me. He did and since then, it’s turned into a joke in the church.

How did you cope with mood swings during pregnancy?

I did not cope at all; I simply let it loose. But then I had very few episodes of mood swings.

What has been your most challenging issue since the birth of your baby?

Living with a baby’s cries is one of them. I can’t deal with it and I’m just learning.

How do you interact with your child?

I have been turned into a radio at home. For someone who loves quietness, I am often seen and can be heard singing, talking and at times making funny incomprehensible gestures to the child.

Most new mothers find breastfeeding painful. Was that your experience?

It was easy for me. I did not experience any pain.

What are some things you have observed in caring for a newborn?

Taking care of a newborn is tasking and hectic.

How would you compare your life before you became a mother with now that you are one?

There is a clear difference between both periods. Before my pregnancy, I was a superwoman. I was doing everything at the speed of light. Now, no way! I’m constantly carrying a six kg bag and the weight keeps increasing every week as the baby grows.

How do you balance motherhood and your career?

I’m still trying to figure this out. I hope I find my balance soon.

What part of your body changed during pregnancy that you didn’t like?

I think it was my tummy.

What advice did your mother or relatives give you about motherhood that helped you?

Motherhood is a lot of work but it is also fulfilling. I have found out that this is true.

Some new mothers are usually overprotective of their children. Is this your case?

No. I have good people around me so I I’m not worried about such issues.

What experiences would you want to create for your child?

My child is a boy. I want to create for him experiences that would make him a champion, an advocate, a defender, a go-getter and a leader. I want to raise him up as a child after God’s heart.

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