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Girls…Girls…Girls, Beware Of Glory Looters!”


Girls…Girls…Girls, Beware Of Glory Looters!”

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

Last Saturday, I began discussing 10 things you must do this year to align with God’s divine agenda for your destiny and have the best of 2018. However, I have to pause on that and discuss what I know rattled a lot of you during the week as celebrated on the social media! A popular young man gave his girlfriend a N45m Porsche and the social media practically went wild with so many ladies praying that the God of the gift recipient should visit them.

You have every right to pray that God should make you a recipient of an aircraft if you want; however you need to be careful! The devil is just about to massacre too many glorious destinies. It is going to make so many beautiful ladies cry in future.

It is going to empower a lot of men to diabolically wipe the virtues, glory, stars and shining of unsuspecting girls through pre-marital sex which is going to be on the increase like no man’s business. As it is now, I imagine a lot of girls who now see every reason why they should “go all the way” with that rich bloke that’s all over them. I see a lot of mothers- yes mothers asking after “yahoo boys” who have been all over their daughters.

I see a lot of girls being pushed to these guys and other rich men, young and old! My sweeties, don’t be deceived, 70 per cent of the world is diabolic, highly occultic! And more so, this is Africa and Nigeria where so many are frustrated and would rather use diabolic means to get all the wealth they can from the stupid, bad devil. And guess what? Men are very smart; they are not interested in girls/ladies that can’t transfer spiritual goodies to them.

They are not interested in liabilities. They want “assets” they can enjoy for a life time so they don’t mind gathering virtues by sleeping with different girls/ladies and dashing them peanuts for what (girls/ladies) could actually make them wealthy enough to buy an aircraft before they are 40 years old.

Too many ladies have exchanged what could make them a future Africa’s richest black woman for a mere I-phone! So many have been killed for rituals! Too many middle-aged women have had to endure untold hardship, are stagnant and tired of life today because they flung away their spiritual wealth through sex in their hey-days! So many women have been on the deliverance ground for years and are going back again this weekend because someone stole their glory and is using it to thrive in life handsomely, raking in billions while they are feeding from hand to mouth. If someone could steal his sibling’s glory and refuse to let go of it, a total evil stranger who claims to love you can kill you for it! May God punish the devil!

BE PATIENT, BE PATIENT, BE PATIENT! WHAT’S THE RUSH FOR? A lot of you are so overly materialistic! You want to be ahead of your mates and be seen to be “happening!” You want to carry designer bags your parents’ one year salary can’t purchase, use the latest hi-tech gadgets, you want to wear Brazilian hair which costs as high as N1m and are willing to sleep with every rich man that comes your way! You know what? You are not only lost, you are spiritually-sick, demonised! Ask your parents, a lot of those who gave them sleepless nights in their youth because they were “reigning” are still on earth but nowhere to be found!

Do you want to reign as a youth because of your evil acquisition and end up “alive but dead?” A lot of you are walking biblical Joseph’s path and being prepared by God for heights designed exclusively for you in your entire generation but you are not only impatient, you are spiritually dull, spiritually weak and think the best thing for you to do is to just follow that rich old man who wants to take care of you and pamper you with reckless abandon. Whereas he has seen your juicy star and would do anything to have it and make the best of it solely for himself and spit you out when he’s sucked you dry!

May they not collect your “aero plane” and give you a tricycle! May the devil know the bitter shame of defeat over our lives and may his everlasting shame know no end in Jesus mighty name! I love you all my sweeties! BEWARE, BE WISE!

I invite you to follow me on Facebook –TEMILOLU OKEOWO (not Temilolu okeowo girls club or TEMILOLU OKEOWO Girls Club group). Instagram @ Okeowo Temilolu.

Scam Alert: Temilolu okeowo girls club page and group as well as Temilolu cares for you are fake facebook accounts.

Are you still engaging in pre-marital sex? Each act devalues you! Your wonders are waiting to start. God is waiting for you to become a Secondary virgin! You are most welcome on board the chastity campaign train and Girls Club is open for all girls and ladies. Please text your name, age, school or occupation and State of domicile to 07086620576.

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